Greek and Hebrew

“Do I understand Greek and Hebrew?
Otherwise, how can I undertake, as
every Minister does, not only to explain books which are written
therein but to defend them against all opponents?

Am I not at the mercy
of everyone who does understand, or even pretends to understand, the

For which way can I confute his pretense?
Do I understand the
language of the Old Testament? critically? at all?

Can I read into
English one of David’s Psalms, or even the first chapter of Genesis?

I understand the language of the New Testament?

Am I a critical master
of it?

Have I enough of it even to read into English the first chapter
of St. Luke?

If not, how many years did I spend at school?
How many at
the University?

And what was I doing all those years?
Ought not shame
to cover my face?”

John Wesley, “An Address to the Clergy,” in Works X:491.

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